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Ancient Pottery Timeline

Dates of prehistoric ceramics
Chronology of clay-fired ware

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Pottery Timeline (from 34,000 BC)

Ancient pottery used to be associated exclusively with Neolithic culture. Today, it is recognized as an important feature of Stone Age culture as a whole, dating back to the hunter-gatherers of the Gravettian or even the Aurignacian period.

Clay-fired ceramics (pots and figures) were invented at different times, in different locations, becoming the predominant ancient art in the process.

But it was China who established itself as the master of pottery technology. Only in China was pottery practiced continuously, from the beginning. See: Ancient Chinese Pottery (from 18,000 BC).

See also: Dating Methods in Archaeology.

For the chronology of cave painting and prehistoric sculpture, please see: Prehistoric Art Timeline (from 540,000 BC).

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